Plant Sale Fundraiser

Saturday June 8 @ Pembroke Farmers Market



CPAN Growing at Home Plant Sale Fundraiser


Pembroke Farmers Market, June 8th 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM 

What's Available

Fully Potted Mature Tomato plant + Basil Plant + Your Choice Bean or Cucumber + Cage $30

Seeds for starting outside also for sale - $ pay what you can


Help us raise the funds needed to offer FREE Growing at Home Workshops with ready-to-go pre-planted pots of veggies for families in need. 100% of proceeds go to sponsoring a CPAN client to learn how to get Growing at Home! 

At CPAN, we know that helping people to learn how to grow their own veggies at home is one important step in creating food sovereignty when food security is needed. The good feelings of growing food, eating that food and knowing you can do it, helps to bring a sense of self-support and satisfaction that the outcome, feeding your family, is more within reach. When everyone is feeling the pinch at the grocery store, the skills of growing and having what you need to do it is more important than ever. 

Our donors and generous community members have come forward with interest to sponsor Growing at Home Workshops for our clients, rather than to take the workshop themselves. Our loving and caring community continues to amaze us! We are ready to take action! 

Come on down to the Pembroke Farmers Market downtown Pembroke, at the corner of Lake Street and Victoria Street, this Saturday, June 8th, 2024 from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM to help raise the funds needed to run free workshops for our clients to learn to start Growing at Home! 

We are offering a pre-planted gorgeous local red slicer tomato plant, combined in the same pot with a basil plant to help with pests! The same pot also contains your choice of a green or yellow bean plant, or a cucumber plant. These ready-to-go pots have sturdy handles and are perfect for the patio or deck to produce veggies ongoing all season! 

We also have seeds for starting outside available, from William Dam Seeds, available by donation - pay what you can! 

Help us offer FREE workshops to families in need in Renfrew County! Come on down to the Farmers Market this Saturday June 8th, or visit our donate page to drop a sponsorship contribution. 

CPAN will travel around the county offering the FREE workshops because of your sponsorship, in the places CPAN families in need live and play for the utmost convenience, confidentiality and access all season long.