Our donors have the best ideas. 

For years, CPAN has been asked “how much does it cost to help one child receive what they need for back to school?” The reason they ask this question is to be able to know how much to donate so that they can be assured that this student would have what they needed. 

At CPAN, we do everything we can to welcome volunteers, gather donations of goods, and create efficient processes with amazing partners to do what we can without spending money. 

The reality is, all of our programs require cash to deliver. Whether it is the voucher amount a client redeems at local retailers for Tools for School or the ongoing expense of packaging materials for shipping out snowsuits, CPAN relies on donations to make it all happen. 

Last year, we funded more than $26,000 in Tools for School benefits to provide school supplies, backpacks and footwear to students in need. 

And, in the Operation Snowsuit program, we partnered with Knights of Columbus and retailers performing liquidations or offering deep discounts to purchase the winter gear that children and youth needed that was not gathered in our various snowsuit drives. More than $20,000 was spent last year to ensure winter 2024/2025 program benefits would be in place for everyone who applies to the program. 

We also have goals to be able to eventually offer school lunches, field trip funding, recreation program registration fee support, birthday cakes, haircuts and family fun packs as a full-spectrum approach to supporting one child for an entire year. 

Each element we wish to invest in for the child brings a sense of belonging, joy, and connection in their lives, at school and in our local communities. 


By signing up as a CPAN Student Sponsorship subscriber, you are donating to ensure one child receives the Tools for School and Snowsuits they need this year and contribute to the building of our benefits account for future expansion into those critical food security and inclusion elements of the future objectives CPAN is committed to building. 


Choose to wrap around one child with our $360 annual gift, charged in monthly installments of $30 to your credit card. By committing to 12 months at $30 each month you will have directly impacted the life of one child in our local communities. 


Donors receive updates and invitations to take part in CPAN so you can see how your donation is contributing to a better outcome for kids. 

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At CPAN we know it takes a village to raise a child. 


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