Sometimes people are judgmental of those who live in poverty. We believe that this is due to lack of knowledge and many myths shared through generations. With this in mind we use every opportunity to share information regarding poverty.  This includes correct information on why families live in poverty, and what we can do to help. 

CPAN is often invited to be guest speakers and/or to present to a variety of groups whose ages, gender, and social backgrounds differ. Our tools include: Power Point presentations, information sheets/brochures and fun, informative, and educational games.

Two of our games at present are:


Based on the popular TV show Jeopardy, Poverty Jeopardy is a trivia game. The trivia relates to poverty and is a useful learning tool as well as being fun to play. This game can be played by groups or individuals, is enjoyed by all age groups, and requires about one hour to play.


This is an experiential board game, players characters are based on real people, with their income and their expenditures.  Unlike Monopoly (where players amass riches) players of Poverty Survival struggle to make ends meet. Each time around the board represents one month (one week per side). The objective is to survive poverty for only three months! This can be more difficult and frustrating than most people could predict. Each player takes on the identity of a character in the game. These characters are based on real people living in Renfrew County. Situations and rules of the game are also based on the reality of living in poverty and, in most cases, players are allowed (as in life) to make choices, but with each choice there are consequences. The Poverty Survival Game lets the players walk a mile in their shoes, and gives the player the opportunity of to experience the reality of living in poverty and the tough choices some families face on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This game takes about 2 ½ hours to play

Many of us are fortunate to have safety nets, such as credit, when unexpected expenses arise (such as a car breaking down) we can use credit and can pay for it later. Those who live in poverty often do not have a good credit rating and therefore, are not able to obtain credit (such as a loan, credit card, or a line of credit), they are left without a safety net when emergency situations do arise. One emergency situation is all that it can take to put some families in crisis. Times of crisis can lead people to lose their reasoning and make them more likely to use poor judgment. Families living in poverty do not have the luxury of making financial mistakes; one small mistake could be devastating.

The Poverty Survival Game makes poverty a reality for those who are lucky enough to have never lived in poverty! After playing players have the luxury of walking away, unfortunately families living in poverty cannot.

We must always remember that many of us are at risk of falling into poverty, so should treat others how we would wish to be treated if we were in that position.

Although child poverty seems overwhelming it can be eliminated with your help. There are many things that we can do individually or as a group. CPAN appreciates each and every effort and whether it is talking to others, donating time, money, or skills.  This help is always needed and very much appreciated.

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