CPAN advocates on behalf of low income families who have children and are having financial difficulties. We believe that no child should ever live in poverty and that every child deserves a decent chance in life.

CPAN advocates for systemic change at all levels of government in the hope of a future where families no longer have to live in poverty. By going to the root causes of poverty we believe we can change the future in a positive way.

Advocacy happens in a number of ways:

  • Having a positive influence on public policy related to issues effecting poverty at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.
  • Bringing to attention individual issues or broader community issues, to the general public and to agencies and organizations connected to those experiencing poverty.
  • Raising awareness of the fact that child poverty exists here in Canada, in Ontario, and more locally Renfrew County.
  • Working with individuals and agencies to ensure low income families get the help that they need, when they need it, such as services, items etc.

Members also work together to help reduce the stigma of families living in poverty by educating others about the barriers that low income families face, and working toward dispelling the myths of poverty.