Why CPAN Was Founded

Canada signed The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child November 20th 1989, before that children had no rights.  The federal government were so committed to end child poverty that 4 days later they signed a unanimous resolution in the house of commons to ‘End Child Poverty by the year 2000’ 

In 2000, the Child Poverty Report Card was released and figures showed that there was more child poverty in 2000 than in 1989, as no action was taken.  Locally a number of agencies hosted several community meetings to inform the public on the status of child poverty in Renfrew County. At the same time, these agencies became more aware of the depth of child poverty in their own communities and felt that it needed to be dealt with at more than a case by case level. As a result, Renfrew County Child Poverty Action Network (CPAN) was born with the mandate to eliminate the effects of child poverty and to do so in a manner that was empowering and inclusive. We purposely wanted to focus on the word ACTION so that we did not have a group that only talked about child poverty, but rather a network that would have activities and actions that did something about it.

Since its inception the organization has been true to its roots. There have been many activities and actions and these continue to expand and be refined as we move forward and find more and more agencies and individuals who want to be a part of the solution. Our membership is increasing; currently membership stands at almost 600 individuals, with 62 agencies and organizations that are spread throughout Renfrew County, Ontario, and Canada. Members also come from every walk of life.  If you would like to be part of the solution click here

Who We Are

CPAN is a grassroots network. Our membership consists of members from a wide range of social, economic, and geographic areas. There are many individual members as well as several agencies, organizations, and businesses that are members and support CPAN throughout the year. CPAN members contribute in many ways. There are no costs to become a CPAN member – the only requirement is the belief that child poverty must be eliminated. Each member is a resource to us; some members donate money, some donate their time in various ways, such as participating in meetings, becoming presenters and/or guest speakers, sitting on sub-committees, or helping with fundraising. Some members give ideas, provide important contacts and resources, share their skills and expertise, and others spread the word to raise awareness.  Everyone has something to offer no matter how big or small.  We believe that together we are able to accomplish anything!

CPAN is truly a diverse network. Our members range in age and profession and come from a variety of social and economic backgrounds, but all share a common goal, our commitment to eliminate child poverty, and to do so in an empowering and inclusive way.

What We Do

CPAN is involved with a number of activities related to the elimination of child poverty and minimizing the effect that poverty has on children in need who live in Renfrew County. These activities fall under three categories; practical assistance, advocacy, and education.