CPAN’s New Network: The Village

You’ve heard it before - it takes a village to raise a child. We know this to be true and we know you have played a role in the past helping the community respond to the needs of children. 

You are a part of CPAN’s Village - our Action Network of helpers and help seekers. 

CPAN has created The Village to build an open exchange network of folks in Renfrew County who want to help and who need help. With a more free exchange of support and connection, we can learn about and offer help in more direct ways that respect the individuality of all involved. 

The Village is like a community constellation. It links people together with easily accessible and bite-sized moments of care. Helpers and help seekers can switch roles, too, knowing that poverty is situational and that offering help or being in need can be fluid. 

We have created an ultra-simple system for anyone who believes in the “village way” of community development - that we already have it all and everyone is needed to make it work. 

It uses email and text messaging to notify our network about one-time needs of the moment, with a quick and easy way to respond with help. The CPAN team then provides the connection through our office to the person expressing need in an appropriate manner. 

Think of it like this - if everyone willing to help or needing help is like a star in the sky, CPAN’s network is like bringing them into shape, like the big dipper, connecting the dots to bring light to all unique arrangements of diverse people experiencing life differently. 

By joining The Village you will simply be made aware of the smallest needs as they come forward to us. It might be to help fund a field trip, school lunch, make a friendship call to another parent, or donate a stroller - anything small that can be done to help. You can choose to respond or pass.  

We will also update you on all of the results CPAN is achieving using this new network approach, and more! 

Follow this link to drop your cell number into The Village database. On the form, choose the ways of interacting that best suit you. Until we know how you might want to help, we will continue to email you updates about this project and how it’s working, among other CPAN news. 

We are ready to light up the sky on the darkest nights! 

Join The Village today and be part of a movement in Renfrew County that is rooted in our best collective feature - neighbourly love.